How many time you have been caught in a brainstorming creativi? Endless hours locked in a room talking nonsense, often without even understanding why you have been invited?

The brainstorming is one of the agency main plague, almost impossible to cure. If you have been so lucky not to be involved in this game let me describe you the main rules.

An account (or a project manager) gather a group of people (and sometimes he also provided them in advance a brief, some preliminary information and a series of requests) within a room. He ask them to ignore pc and mobile phones (never going to happen) and, after highlighting the marvellous opportunity they have to work with this client, ask the group if they had the chance to read what he sent them and if they already have some ideas.

After this introduction you already lost 30 minutes of your day (if you are lucky) the team will start murmuring something. The reason? They had no time to go through the brief. Some of them didn’t even open the email. For sure nobody had time to think. For sure: nobody had time to think.

With this precondition, all those people are locked in a room to find a solution (more or less creative) on something they do not know.

What do you thnk could be the result? Normally a sharp division between enthusiastics who throw on the table an idea they protect regardless the objections (no matter if the idea is non-sense) and compliants, who are just hoping for the meeting to end as soon as possible.

Does the brainstorming makes sense? I don’t think so!

So? What could be the solution? There are several, but we embrace the “suggest and vote“. It is based on the fact that some creative representative should be asked to find a solution and give them time for articolating a proposal. Once they are ready they will present their suggestion to the team who will evaluate pro and cons.

The proposal who takes more votes will be enhanced (when necessary) from the rest of the team, who will work on something grounded.