Many companies complain any time a customer post a negative reviews about their product or service.

Even worst, they have the bad habit to ignore them instead of considering for what they are: an enormous opportunity!

Although it could sound strange online reviews are often considered from companies as an issue; an attempt to put in a bad light a project, a way to knock out a little company, an attempt to get 5 minutes celebrity. In some cases, and it’s the worst case, the review is perceived as “personal” so who receives it doesn’t make the distinction between the service provided and himself, feeling the review to be directed personally to him.

Let’sgo more in-depth with our statement.

Who is the review? Why is he important?

Any review belongs to a customer. A person who, in some way, we were able to bring toward our business. He is the result of our marketing effort, and represents a human capital.

He is also a customer who spent money on our business and could get back, if properly managed.

Last, but not least, he is a customer who is “giving us a sign”. If he tok time to write a review it means that is fond with what he bought. He is living an emotional frustration that, once properly handled, could turn him in an ambassador of our brand.

The review as an opportunity to grow up

If what we are selling is a service the review should be taken as an useful information to make our service better. The standard example is when we think about restaurants reviews.

Normally a negative review is perceived as an attack, and often the owner doesn’t reply or, even worst, fires back.

Both answers are wrong. Normally the review should be contestualized. When did they come to the restaurant? Did we have an issue that specific day? What the complain is about?

All these questions are important to understand the customer point of view and as a consequence to see things from a different perspective.

The reply as the method to increase our reliability

The common tendency is to ignore any negative review. This tendency has negative effects only!

A quite reply turns often things in an unexpected way. A company which replies is perceived as open to dialogue with customers, interested in making their product (or service) better.


These are just a few reasons that make us consider the online reviews important and always positive. Obviously there are numberless more, able to make the brand perception (and its product) higher.