I have been hearing for years amenities such as “this is our greatest opportunity”, “this is THE client”, and so on so forth up to the best one: “let’s think-out-of-the-box”.

In the last 18 years spent within communication agencies I always experienced the urge to be a cutting-edge company. Anything less was simply unacceptable.

The reason is the same wordlwide: client and their target! During the last 8 years all client experienced a loss in revenues, where one of the worst performances belonged to marketing and communication expenses.

A lot has been said (and written) on the new approach customers adopt when considering a product (or a brand), and all agree on the fact that today customers have developed an impressive way to get rid of 94% of messages they receive by simply reducing them to a background noise.

In such a situation the request from client turned into creating something special, unexpected, to “break” this backgound noise and get customers attention.

What does this mean? That the request from client went straight to the creative dept, where all art directors have been asked to think something unseen, impactful, memorable. And they did! Simple as this. They did. With the downside they focused on the spectacular part of the task ignoring the client needs.

Thankfully at moment we have a U-turn towards a client-centric approach. The tendency now, that we fully embrace, is to get back to the basics, where the message is the core that needs to be delivered together with all those informations about the brand, its values and the untangible benefit that make one product THE product.